About Us

BONMEA is a major supplier of frozen seafood and is committed to bringing its customers the finest quality produce from around the world. BONMEA is a leader in Aquaculture of shrimp and a fully integrated producer, exporter and importer of frozen shrimp.

Our food safety auditing program employs a three tier structure that includes food safety, rigid specifications and thorough social audits. We invest heavily in food safety and sustainability certifications.

As a sustaining company, our commitment to Best Aquaculture Practices starts at the feed level to produce antibiotic, chemical and pesticide free feed. Proper Waste Management practices like minimizing water exchange, using probiotics, proper effluent treatment, ensuring ponds are fallowed and disinfected, allowing sufficient time gap between production cycles and reforestation are implemented at farm level to protect the coastal land and water resources.

We constantly work with Global Aquaculture Alliance to find new ways to preserve our ecosystem and reduce our footprint and make sure such practices are implemented in the ever growing aquaculture industry.